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Ajo Sacha is a blood purifier that helps the body rid itself of toxins (spiritual or physical) as well as restores strength and equilibrium lost through illnesses that have an effect on the blood. 

Psychospiritually, Ajo Sacha helps to develop acuity of mind and can also take you out of saladera (a run of bad luck, inertia, or a sense of not living to the full). It is also used for “ridding spells” — undoing the work of curses of removing bad energy that has been sent deliberately or by accident (in an explosion of rage, etc.).

In floral baths, it will relieve states of shock and fear (known as manchiari). These states can be particularly debilitating to children, whose souls are not as strong or fixed as an adult’s; a powerful shock can therefore lead to soul loss. The same phenomenon, especially regarding children, is known to the samans of Haiti, where it is called seziman, and the samans of India, where great care is taken to protect children from frights of this kind and the anxious parents of newborns employ the shamans to make protective amulets for their babies.

Another key for Ajo Sacha is in the Amazon is to enhance hunting skills, not only by covering the human scent with its own garlicky snell (the plant also has a strong garlic taste and, in fact, its name — a hybrid of Spanish and Quecha— means “wild garlic,” although it is not related to garlic in any way), but by amplifying the hunter’s senses of taste, smell, sound, and vision, all of which are, of course, essential for success and for survival. It is a plant of stalking. 

In the Western world, this stalking ability tends to translate psychologically, and the plant becomes a means of helping an individual hunt or “stalk” her inner issues. To underline this, the Shipibo Maestro Guillermo Arevalo adds that this plant opens up the shamanic path and helps the apprentice see beyond conventional reality—as long as he has “the heart of a warrior” and is prepared to live under the obligations of shamanism. For this, he will need courage, the ability to face the truth, and to know his true calling without fear of extremes or “ugly things.”

It’s fascinating that this plant, used for hunting in the rainforest, possesses the same essential quality in an environment such as ours where food is purchased from supermarkets, and we do not track down the game at all— but we often do have work to do in stalking ourselves. Clearly, this plant has extraordinary qualities. 




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